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Heavy artworks can be delicate. This 100 year old portrait had to be placed just as precisely as when hanging the tiniest picture.

white fireplace, large framed print, hanging large pictures

This single large artwork with plenty of white space sits well over a dramatic white fireplace

Hanging any artwork requires a little preparation to achieve correct placement. When the piece is both heavy and delicate, things get a bit trickier. On top of this is its value – be it historic or monetary – to further concentrate the attention.

One example I recently assisted with, at an inner-Melbourne residence, was a life-size full-length portrait of the client’s grandmother, painted early last century by John Longstaff. Measuring 2.7 metres high and weighing approx. 90kg, it needed a little more than picture wire to hang!

Helpfully, the client was an engineer and their son-in-law, Grahame, constructed the necessary angle-iron wall brackets to support the painting. He also worked with me and my go-to back-up man, Norm, to complete the installation. We were further assisted by family members who steadied, lifted and leant their weight to keeping ‘Grandmother’ in position while we bolted her to the wall.

Planning, preparation and steelworks took a day, while getting the portrait onto the wall took another half. “Sounds slow”, you may say but, with all artworks, you must be very, very careful.

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