Phil’s art hanging gallery

Making art stand out.

I can help place your pictures to compliment your room. Or, if you have it figured out already, I’ll hang them quickly, efficiently and safely without leaving any mess. Every room has its own picture hanging solution. My art hanging gallery demonstrates some of the the arrangements I’ve helped my customers create.

Large canvas, hang a large oil painting

Art to suit the room or a room to suit the art? When it’s hard to tell which came first, you know you have a match made in heaven.

Velasquez princess Louisa, post modern landscape, hang painting in stairwell by Hangin' with Phil

Just what’s needed for an imposing stair landing – something large and bold – in this case a modern juxtaposition of a classic portrait.

painting to match the furnishings

A simple matching of key colours transformed this room from good to great.

Prima Pearl, Southbank, corporate art hanging

Eight artworks placed symmetrically in a dining room at Prima Pearl Tower, Southbank.

photo wall, photo collage, photo arrangement,

A tight arrangement of identically framed photos becomes greater than the sum of its parts.

3 Wild Ducks restaurant, hang six identical mirrors, commercial art hanging

The placement of identical mirrors across a wall of ‘Three Wild Ducks’ restaurant in Mt Eliza added light and upped the ambience.

hang large painting, install art in luxury home, hang painting on brick wall

A large artwork safely installed without disturbance to its delicate surroundings.

hang ceramic plates, picture wall of plates, plates art wall, Zuster Furniture

Unusual art hanging – a picture wall of hand painted plates for Zuster Furniture showroom in Richmond.

Hanging artworks in offices

Delivery and installation in offices – I can transport artworks up to 1.2 metres x 1.8 metres.

Radial mirrors, convex mirror, mirror hanging, mirrors in entrance foyer, Jacqui Moore, Greenhouse Interiors, retro metal work

Radial mirror designs make a stylish foyer. Styled by Jacqui Moore of Greenhouse Interiors.

the big b, guitar tuition, wall of guitarist photos

The wall of a guitar school covered with… famous guitarists, of course.

taxidermy hanging service, hang mounted deer head on wall, hang stuffed animals, hang antlers on wall

Taxidermy calls for robust attachment – either a knock-in or an expanding bolt.

red room decor, hang red paintings, reds create warmth in a room, red canvases, red furniture

Room de rouge – a plethora of reds creates a rich, inviting lair in this Armadale home.

picture hanging in stairwell, photos in stair-well, hang photos over stairs, art hanging in stair well, photos in stairway

A high stair-well is employed to dramatic effect displaying family photos.

Scaffold for hanging high paintings, hang art above an archway, Jessie Breakwell fine art

You could make do with just the tall ladder… but who would want to balance a large artwork while standing at the top of it?

Kinross Arts

Colourful exhibit installed at Kinross Arts and Spirituality Centre, toorak.

rubber band powered aeroplane, pipe rack, nora gurdon oil painting, art hanging arrangement

Art hanging is about creating a story with collected pieces.

art hanging, memorabilia arrangement, antique toy car, still life with fruit

Well matched colours and textures add value to the overall ‘picture’.

Willem de Klerk, dutch master, victorian mantle, antiques, picture hanging, phil kininmonth, hang in with Phil

Creating a harmonious combination of antiques means knowing when to hold back.

art wall, grouped paintings, phil kininmonth painting arrangement, arts cape, art feature wall

With lots of black shapes, this feature wall was designed to flow rather than fit a grid.

safely hanging heavy artworks, hanging heavy painting on plaster wall, hanging heavy painting

This framed photo, two metres wide and weighing over 65 kg, was hung safely on a stud wall by attaching Z-Bar french cleats to the back.

painting hung in stairwell, David Bromley

A large 1.8 metre canvas required careful handling to be positioned high in a stairwell .

mantlepiece group of photos, arranging small paintings in a group

Small artworks are grouped symmetrically to form a cohesive whole at this holiday beach house.

puppet display, art suspended on stainless steel cable, high tensile cable display, wall mounted sculpture, ceiling mount, doll display solution

A rigging of high-tensile stainless steel cable solved the problem of unobtrusively suspending this life-size ‘Pinnochio’ marionette.

Pug on Hangin' with Phil toolbox

In Middle Park, Diane’s pet, Lola, was clearly taken by my toolbox.

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