Picture wall ideas

One way to achieve a striking effect with smaller pictures – as well as solving a problem of what to do with them all – is to create a picture wall or ‘wallscape’ of artworks. Whether it’s wedding photos, holiday shots, small paintings or your own ‘salon hang’, you can make  a strong impression with groups. Here’s what some of my clients have done… with a little help from me.

Drawing of painting arrangement for picture wall

Pencil schematics are scribbled after laying everything out and arranging on the floor.

Gould tern prints, salon art hanging, picture wall, closely grouped paintings

The close placement of 15 Gould prints in this South Yarra dining room created an intimate salon atmosphere for owners Anastasia and Andrew.

Salon wall, grouped paintings

An eclectic assemblage hung to dramatic effect in a high-ceilinged Victorian dining room.

Von Haus Design Studio, hanging pictures with a TV, installing a shelf

One way to make a TV feel at home is to incorporate it into a picture wall. In this instance I simply installed the shelf. The room was created by Fiona from Von Haus Design Studio.

grouped sepia historic photos

Sepia family photos and macrame set the scene. The tea trolley adds the icing.

integrating TV with art

Television and art can be a difficult mix. Arranging a few powerful artworks around this striking B&O allowed the TV to take centre stage without the room looking empty.

hanging gilt frames, drawing room art hanging, picture wall

A mantle of small, richly coloured, artworks created a striking surround for this collection of cool-coloured porcelain.

Group of drawings

Diversity can work especially well on a picture wall when there’s a common factor – in this case Australian theme and muted colours.

family photo wall by Hangin' with Phil

A diverse assemblage of frames is unified by their subject matter – family snaps.

off-set paintings make good group

Symmetry is not necessarily the answer. These artworks – individually too small for such a large wall – formed a pleasing group.

framed photos on tallboy

Instead of hanging it all, sometimes just a key piece will do the job. Here, a single powerful painting draws smaller pieces into its fold.

black and white photos, pictures on stairway, stair picture wall

In a monochrome stairwell black & white photos and frames complete the picture.

Woodstock poster, wall collage, small pictures framed

The aura of this intimate sunken den, where you can lounge on turkish cushions, was sealed with the addition of a classic Woodstock poster cleverly broken into segments framed in rough timber.

Formally arranged classic etchings

Grouped pictures need not be small. This formally arranged set of large etchings was combined symmetrically with classic furniture to form an impressive whole.

Photo wall made up of old family photos

A collection of old family photos sits easily in a modern room by using informally arranged contemporary frames.

memorabilia arranged on pool room walls

Crowd control – this pool room was transformed into a ‘man cave’ with the addition of sports memorabilia crammed, with great care, onto every wall making it into a cozy den.






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